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  • When your theme supports wide alignment via add_theme_support('align-wide');, you still have to enable alignment for your block. Replace 'supports' => [ 'align' => false ] with 'supports' => [ 'align' => true ]. Unfortunately, this enables the user to change the alignment, but it does set the default align.

    NB: Using 'supports' => [ 'align' => [ 'full' ] ] is not possible at the moment due to a restriction in Gutenberg.

  • Hello James,

    I want to register custom fields using the acf_add_local_field_group()-function. When I want to add a new field, I go to the Register fields via PHP page and view the documentation on the settings for the field that I want. However, for some fields there is no documentation. I believe the newly added custom fields, such as the color picker, are missing from this page.

    Example use case (current situation):
    I can see that the color picker has a default value, but I have no idea which settings key to use. So now I have to create a new color picker field in the GUI, publish it, export it to PHP en see in the resulting code which settings key is used for the default color value.

    I would love it if this and other newly added custom fields were documented in the above mentioned page.

    Kind regards,

    Tim Havinga
    Web developer at Vevida

  • I came across this bug recently. Very awkward, since in my case a field group in the sidebar was preventing the_content from being hidden. Is this issue being resolved any time soon? I would suspect that the contents of the hide_on_screen array would be merged into a single array before the CSS is generated (includes/form/form-post.php lines 208-215, ACF Pro).

  • It just so happens that the options page I created is used on one specific page on my website. So, I connected the options page to that page. Not ideal, but it works. Thanks for the help and pointing me to your cool plugin!

  • Alas, I am not experienced enough it comes to WP and the inner workings of the media library. So it is above my head to resolve this.

    The issue remains that media uploaded to an options page is not marked as attached to a post (or anything), therefore it could be removed in an over-enthousiastic cleanup.

  • I used the script provided by @solverat, because it was advised. There were some issues with the script that I have tried to address, see the bitbucket site.

    There is one issue that is not easily solved with the documented ACF hooks:

    The script currently processes image fields by fetching the thumbnail HTML. However, the alt attribute of this image tag is not updated (and why should it?), and the alt text is stored via a separate AJAX request. Is there any way to fetch the image details via AJAX?

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