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  • Yes, agree. Just hoping for a definitive / safe way to clean up the duplicates at this point, i.e. which of those duplicates are safe to delete.

  • OK I wasn’t able to reproduce that on Safari/mac doing the same thing on a test install, (it did not prompt for a database upgrade again though I didn’t deactivate ACF 4 plugins while updating to 5.0.4 so maybe order of deactivation does not matter). I was doing it before with Chrome/Win7

    In any case, when I deactivate ACF 5 Pro and reactivate ACF 4, and then go back to ACF 5 Pro, I get prompted to upgrade the database again, and each time I perform the upgrade I get another copy of the field groups.

    Any thoughts appreciated. I’m thinking if I cannot rollback the database I can just delete the new duplicate fields (the ones with higher post ID) since I have not resaved any post/page that uses them.

  • Yes, I meant field name, not field label. “Content” is a text field within a Layout. Below is the link to the steps (PDF)

    ACF 4.3.0, Flexible Content Field Version 1.1.0

  • Thanks. The temporary fix works fine for me for now. The Flexible Content is one instance where I like to change Add Row to something else since these are usually not table rows in my use. Maybe the default can be Add Item in the future. Wonderful add-on.

  • Quick follow up question – how do I get a list of field group ID’s given a post ID?

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