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Get Fields in a Group or Tab for Output

  • Is there a function to obtain a list of fields in a field group or layout?

    I basically want to mirror the field groups / tabs to the output, and the get_fields() function only shows all the fields as one list. I need to break it up, either according to the tabs or field groups or flexible content layout rows in the back end.

  • Hi @bluecomet

    You can load the fields from a field group like so:

    $fields = apply_filters('acf/field_group/get_fields', array(), $field_group_id);
  • Hello, elliot!
    Thanks for the great plugin.
    Why don’t you create separate function for this with description in documentation? This way is not very clearly without digging in support forum.
    I think it would be very useful to get fields by group ID, not all fields by post ID.

  • Hi @bluecomet

    Yes, hopefully soon I can add in a developer filter / action reference!


  • Quick follow up question – how do I get a list of field group ID’s given a post ID?

  • Hi @bluecomet

    You can see examples of this in core/controllers/input.php on line 137:

    // get field groups
    $filter = array( 
    	'post_id' => $post_id, 
    $metabox_ids = array();
    $metabox_ids = apply_filters( 'acf/location/match_field_groups', $metabox_ids, $filter );
  • Sorry to revive an old thread but has this changed in V5? I simply would like to get all custom fields name/values for a post grouped by group ID.

  • I am also having the same issue. Looks like this filter no longer works in V5

    $fields = apply_filters(‘acf/field_group/get_fields’, array(), $field_group_id);

  • You can achieve the same thing using get_field_objects($post->ID);

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