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Field Name Case Sensitivity

  • I had a subfield of a flexible content field called “Content”.

    I decided to change the field name to “content” as I accidentally capitalized it.

    The field still saves to old “Content” custom field, and cannot output to either “Content” or “content”.

    Works if I changed it back to “Content” with a capital C.

  • Hi @bluecomet

    Just to clarify, is “Content” a flexible content field, or the sub field?
    Also, when you say “field name”, do you actually mean the name, or the label?

    Perhaps a screen-cast would help?

    Also, please specify which version of ACF / flexible content field you are using


  • Yes, I meant field name, not field label. “Content” is a text field within a Layout. Below is the link to the steps (PDF)

    ACF 4.3.0, Flexible Content Field Version 1.1.0

  • Hi @bluecomet

    Thanks for the detailed bug report, that was great!

    I’ll try to recreate the issue and get back to you soon


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