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"Add row" button label missing

  • Hello @Elliot,

    after updating my flexible-content-addon (to the latest 1.1.0 version), I noticed that the “Add row” button isn’t getting the custom label (defined in the field option).

    The ACF plugin version is the latest, 4.3.0.

    Thanks, ACF 4.3.0 is great!!

  • Adding my report to this thread, I just noticed this behavior too! Lovely update otherwise.


  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the bug report. I think I know where the issue is and have a fix for you.

    Please edit the file acf-flexible-content/views/field.php and on line 4, change:

    if( $field['button_label'] )


    if( empty($field['button_label']) )

    That should fix it


  • Just updated the add-on files, so all future updates should be fine.

    If I get more reports of this issue, I’ll release a new version to force the update.

    Thanks guys.


  • I had this issue, just FYI

  • Thanks. The temporary fix works fine for me for now. The Flexible Content is one instance where I like to change Add Row to something else since these are usually not table rows in my use. Maybe the default can be Add Item in the future. Wonderful add-on.

  • Hi Elliot,

    Same problem here. My client is really confused hehe.
    Unfortunately the temp fix didn’t work for me.
    I downloaded the new version with the fix already implemented, but no luck.
    There is currently no way to delete the Flexible field (except if I remove the whole repeater field and add the data again)
    I hope there is another solution/hotfix!

    Thanks for your help,

    Daan Smit

  • Hi @daansmit

    I think you may have the wrong thread. This thread is for the “add row” label, not for any issues regarding removing a layout.


  • Ah!You are right!

    Excuse me 🙂

  • Hi there,

    for me it seems to still doesn’t work.
    (I’ve installed also the Repeater Field).

    When I just create one Flexible Layout, the “Add row” button is there, and if I create a second, it is not.

    I have got the latest version, I did buy it yesterday.

    Thanks for your help, what can I try?


  • Hi @paul_roe

    Thanks for the info. I’ll do some testing with 2 flexible content fields. Can you please check for any JS errors on your page?


  • Hi elliot,

    there is a SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<' in post.php:654, when I reload the post admin page.

    And I have to laugh… That was my fault! I have typed into the instruction field that users should avoid a “<script…” tag…

    Now it work’s.



  • I doubt that this in the correct forum thread but I want to suggest an improvement. I am working with a multilanguage site with a form on the frontend and it is becoming quite difficult to change the button text, I see in the code that the default text “Add Row” is inside a translation function, but I want to use a custom text and have it translated. You could in future versions place the translation function also on the custom text eg: __ ($ field [‘button_label’]). If this is not necessary because there is a more efficient method already working, could you direct me to where I can find that information.

    Excellent complement

  • I would also like to be able to edit fields that are currently grouped.

  • It is good!!! thanks for sharing

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