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ACF Pro Cannot Connect to Update Server

  • We recently converted to ACF Pro, we have a Dev License, and when I go into Custom Fields>Updates and enter our License Key, I get 2 error messages:

    Connection Error. Sorry, please try again

    Error. Could not connect to update server

    This is a fresh install of the latest WordPress version, using TwentyFourteen theme, with no other plugins installed.

    Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

  • I have the same problem with differents websites, but it does not seem to happen when I work on a local server (os X with MAMP on localhost).

    I am using wordpress 4.0 and ACF PRO 5.0.9

  • After a few checks, it happened on two website that are on the same host (OVH : and it works well on another website hosted by

  • If you need phpinfo ask me.

  • Same issue here.

    Simply going to the Updates page gives me “Error. Could not connect to update server.”

    Other plugins that use self-hosted updates work fine.

    I am using Rackspace Cloud Sites for hosting.

    Using ACF Pro 5.1.0 (seen the problem for quite a few versions though)

  • Oddly enough, I’m on Rackspace Cloud Sites as well for hosting.

  • I’m on Rackspace as well, just updated a site there to the latest update of ACF Pro, so I don’t think it’s a rackspace issue. You say you have other self hosted plugins that work? Are they used on the same site? Maybe there is interference between them and ACF.

  • All the other plugins update without any problem on this site, and all the other sites we have hosted on our Rackspace account.

    I’ve tried disabling all other plugins, and attempt to enter my license number into ACF Pro, but it still cannot connect to submit the license number.

  • If it works on other sites, and there are no other plugins active to cause a problems then I can only think of 2 other choices.

    1) Something in the theme on the sits is causing a problem. You could try to switch to 2014 and try it.

    2) One of the ACF files on the site having the problem is corrupt in some way, you could try copying the files from one of the sites that work.

  • Sorry, maybe I hadn’t mentioned this part before, but this is the first site we’ve updated to ACF Pro. The other sites we host are running ACF 4.x, and can still update without a problem.

    I deactivated all plugins but ACF Pro, installed Twenty Fourteen theme, tried to enter my license, and still get the following errors:

    Connection Error. Sorry, please try again

    Error. Could not connect to update server

  • I have also attempted to get it to work on a fresh install and it did not work.

    Hube are you using Cloud Sites or Cloud Servers on Rackspace?

  • The only thing I can think of then is that maybe one of the files was corrupted when you uploaded your files.

    If not that you might want to try contacting support [email protected]

  • I just removed the plugin, downloaded a new copy from the website, and installed that, and still no luck connecting to the update server.

  • @Elliot, if you need a clean install and an access to a server with a clean install to be able to debug, mail me.

  • Did anybody find a solution to the bug ?

  • I also have the exact same issue with the same host (OVH).
    For what I tried, I don’t think it’s related to my theme, neither to any corrupted files and I hadn’t any issue in my local env.

    (OVH is using, also tried to disable it and set different Php version but still unsuccessfully)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Any one know what’s going on? I can’t seem to get round this, so I have a broken site on my hands…hoping that it doesn’t/hasn’t effected any other sites.

  • @mttd, luckily, you can always download the latest version, and install that on the site. You won’t lose any field data, it’s just not a preferred solution.

  • hey @jsites, yeah this is true! thanks, just not ideal as you say! will wait and see what happens! cheers1

  • Same issu with an OVH hosting website…
    Error. Could not connect to update server
    anyone ?

  • This site is hosted on 123 Reg (UK).

  • Same deal, OVH hosting, ACF server unreachable…
    We really need a fix on this…

  • Does anybody knows which version numbers still work to register the licence number ?
    This is really a big problem… :-/

  • Ok, until 5.0.7 version the field for the licence is not available.
    And then it is not possible to log on the server.

    Working locally and then using the acf-json folder in your template seems ok to keep your fields working, without activating your licence.

  • I would guess by that information that you’re trying to use an invalid activation code or that it’s being entered wrong for some reason. Might want to check your account and that the code is being pasted correctly.

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