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ACF Pro Cannot Connect to Update Server

  • @nadesignlab

    Same. NS wanted to charge at least $60 to look at it.

    With regard to your concern, please be informed that Network Solutions offers MyTime Support, a dedicated time set aside for you, wherein a knowledgeable Customer Service Representative will troubleshoot the Website on your behalf with a minimum fee of $59.99. If you wish to take advantage of this service, please call our Customer Service Department at the phone numbers listed below.

    The weird thing is that ACF Pro seems to work totally fine and I have full access to pro features like repeaters, etc. The only thing that doesn’t work is registering/auto-updating. If I have to manually update periodically, it’s annoying but not the end of the world.

  • @thehotbrain Thanks for responding! Yeah, NS wanted $100 to see if they could help. Manual updates (or a hosting change) it will be!

  • Just wanted to provide an update on my experience with this issue. I spoke with a very helpful support specialist from Network Solutions this morning. They were able to confirm that their shared hosting environment servers do not allow outgoing PHP connections, which is why the connection to the update server failed. They were not able/willing to activate this feature in the shared hosting environment, but they said it would be a possible configuration for a virtual private server hosting package. Due to the increased cost of that kind of package, my client simply those to move their site to a host that could accommodate outgoing PHP connections.

  • Thanks for the detective work @nadesignlab. It’s a pain to have to deal the hassle of a hosting change, but it’s good to know what we’re dealing with.

  • Hello @Elliot, I have again an update issue with OVH hosting.

  • Hi,

    Same issue has just have been fixed by giving to Elliot some IP generated by this snippet :
    echo file_get_contents(" »);

    IPs have been unblocked and updates are working now.

    Hope that helps,

  • Hi guys

    If anyone is having issues connecting to the update server, please read this doc and follow the instructions:


  • Hi, the link you provided is no longer working, is there a current version somewhere? Thanks.

  • @loic_syclo OVH also gaslit me lately telling me repetitively “You can see curl is activated, so the problem is obviously in your code” and ended up closing the ticket on my nose. You were much luckier than me into getting some kind of insight as to why outgoing curl requests don’t work.

    I was working with a specific API made by a custom vendor and couldn’t get it working and they were not of any help and ended up asking for a refund. Sadly, many of my clients are on OVH’s server and my deployment process is hindered by this problem with ACF’s composer installation too.

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