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  • HI @James – thanks for the reply. I saw that, but what I’m talking about is an inline editor so that the experience is similar to Medium.

    Medium editor

    There are wordpress plugins that exist that let you do that, but they don’t work with ACF (even if they claim to work with custom fields) …

  • yah i found another like it. major #fail for ACF this one.

  • uh oh, same here i think.

    Not the exact same as @mj but .. i had a working site, and now i have missing content on the front end. the data is still in the database, but i cannot get it to appear on the front end. Some of it is there, some is ignored (or something) .. going to try ‘rolling back’, not exactly sure how but

    / edit /
    Rolled back to Version 5.0.8 and it’s all working again.
    That was a nightmare.

  • Yeah, making a page template works. The permalink for the post type takes over the page. I guess using a listing template will be OK for search engine results but I’m wary of having pages on the site that aren’t ‘real’ .. not sure if those worries are well founded but.

    as above – select a taxonomy landing page would be better! haha

  • thanks for the input!

    ummm, ok so yeah – i guess i could make a template for, say, archive-events.php but would have to name page something other than ‘events’ (wouldn’t i? i’ll test this) because that’s the base/archive url for that custom post type. plus – this events plugin i’m using uses it’s own sub-templates to render it’s listing. that all might be a bit of a big mess.

    select a taxonomy landing page would be better! 🙂

  • Hi all, i’m not sure but i think i’m looking for the same thing.

    In a flexible content area the user can select a page that is a parent.
    – they are only shown a list of pages that are a parent.

    Then for the actual content they select a page (using post object).
    – they are only shown pages that are children of the parent they chose.

    is this possible? the filter you linked to seems to require me to specify the parent pages form the outset & they might add more.

    as always, thanks for the amazing product – and the new version rocks too!

  • Hi there,

    I was also thinking of doing something like this.. i think it would help the users understand what they are editing if it visually aligns to the two columns. But what if there are more than two columns?

    ~ I think it’d get crazy.

    Probably just best to keep it tidy and consistant in the back end. Plus, no additional hackery is always good.

  • NOT a 100% FIX

    Forum wont let me retract the fix either .. ugh! 🙁

    SO making this change allows me to add new Field Groups, and I can add a field inside there. But there seems to be a limit on the ‘big’ on i have going.

  • OK i’m using MediaTemple and trying to make the changes in the htdoc file or using php.ini wasn’t working.

    I logged into the Plesk control panel for the domain.
    There’s a php settings page there.

    i did:
    memory_limit –> 128M
    post_max_size –> 128M

    BOOOOOO! Not a 100% fix.

    Making this change allows me to add new Field Groups, and I can add a field inside there. But there seems to be a limit on the ‘big’ on i have going.

  • I tried creating a php.ini file containing

    php_value max_input_vars 7000

    and uploading it to my server but it ACF still won’t let me add any more fields or groups or anything…

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