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Parent post or page

  • I am working on a project in which I need a field which displays the page selection, but needs to limit the displaying page by a parent page.

    It means I want a field where I can select the parent-page (or any post) to limit the pages as child of it.

    It will appreciable if some more options can be added to the existing Relational fields. Like, after selecting the post type in field it add another new option to select page parent post or add a new field, to pass custom get_post arguments to filter posts.

  • Hi @cyberwani

    If you are using the relationship field, you will be happy to know there is a WP filter available to modify the query args.

    You could use the current $post_ID parameter to modify the question to only load posts which have a parent of $post_ID

    The filter is documented here:

  • filter the list of pages that users can select from by parent – this was exactly the feature I was going to request too!

    I understand @elliot you’ve indicated how this could be done, but a way to do this through the UI would be lovely.

  • Hi @charlie

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have a think about how I can add in a simple UI to customize the WP_Query args.


  • Hi all, i’m not sure but i think i’m looking for the same thing.

    In a flexible content area the user can select a page that is a parent.
    – they are only shown a list of pages that are a parent.

    Then for the actual content they select a page (using post object).
    – they are only shown pages that are children of the parent they chose.

    is this possible? the filter you linked to seems to require me to specify the parent pages form the outset & they might add more.

    as always, thanks for the amazing product – and the new version rocks too!

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