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  • WooCommerce Memberships is to blame for this. They have a function that removes ALL metaboxes from any other plugins.

    The issue only arose recently because ACF used to force metaboxes to appear, but now is more compliant with best practices.

    To fix this problem, SkyVerge (WooCommerce Memberships developers) have provided the following code snippet:

    It can be put in your functions.php file or implemented using a free plugin called “Code Snippets”. The function basically allows ACF metabozes/field groups to appear on WooCommerce Membership related post types (e.g. single user memberships and/or membership plans).

  • Yes I’ve got 2 websites currently staying on 5.7.6 until the issue is resolved. I’ve got an open ticket with Elliott, who has said he will be able to take a look when he returns from holidays.

    It’s not urgent at this stage, I don’t have any urgent need to upgrade those 2 websites at the moment.

  • Unfortunately using the repeater plugin means you don’t get the option to have grid view. Is there any way around this?

    Ultimately I love the gallery add-on but need to break the relationship between the WordPress media fields and ACF.

  • Yes, clicking the return to plugins page instead of the updates page ends the loop.

  • Are you referring to the following line on 77 in acf-options-page-update.php?

    $this->settings['version'] = $plugin_data['Version'];

  • It doesn’t go away regardless of how many times I press update.

    Downloading update from…
    Unpacking the update…
    Installing the latest version…
    Removing the old version of the plugin…
    Plugin updated successfully.

    After this message I go back to Dashboard > Updates and it’s there again.

    I’ve even tried downloading the plugin from your website and installing version 1.1.0 manually via FTP. It says there’s is an update to 1.1.0 even though I am using 1.1.0.

  • I noticed this too, this is displayed on my update screen: You have version 1.1.0 installed. Update to 1.1.0. View version 1.1.0 details.

    Updating doesn’t do anything, the message remains.

  • Thanks Elliot.

    Yes, this would be quite an advanced feature, but something to think about.

    Yes the subfields have different values.

    I have managed to find a solution, I created a page with the repeater sub-fields laid out. I saved that page without a title and then use a plugin to duplicate it whenever I need a new page with those same repeater subfields already there.

    I just think this would be a good feature as sometimes you have a lot of repeater subfields (like dropdown boxes with set values) that you use almost every time. A feature like this would ensure that they’re already setup when you create a new post.

  • Thanks Elliot, I was able to do that last night and it seems to work quite well

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