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  • Thanks folks. Will be getting back to this Sat. morning as had some wonky client project while this issue is for my own stuff.

    Wrinkle I ran into is that the ACF field I’m using actually puts double
    <br><br> tags.
    So would need to replace with

    And also replace
    '<a href>' with <apxh:a href>
    and '</a>' with '</apxh:a>'

    I think I’m going to have to hire an ACF pro on this one!

  • HI, John
    thanks for reply.

    Basically, I need to replace all the paragraph tags with
    apxh:p (opening and closing tags)

    and also replace all the anchor link tags
    with similar custom XHTML ATOM coding.

    So need to do string replace of a 400 word text block for news items, which is in a ACF custom field which we insert same time as doing a ‘dirty’ version of the news in the normal content field (we don’t use Gutenberg).

    Trying to output a custom RSS/atom feed, and in the template call the field, but do string replace on the output as we can’t have [CDATA for the feed, and needs the custom coding on the paragraph and anchor links.

    Hope that made sense.

  • And of course @Hube2 has been helping out a lot.
    Just solved my simple duh moment on something. (THANKS!) 🙂

    I’ve only had to submit a support ticket once and I got a prompt response as it was something really arcane not covered in the docs and very specific to ACF and I had explicit information on solutions I tried and got unusual result, and essentially is now built into v5, and was not a “how do I install the plugin” kind of thing.

    Truly awesome plugin. Can’t live without it. Saves me so much time from the olden days of making custom fields and editing functions.php for this kind of thing (I still put in 50 lines of custom stuff in functions.php anyway, but not for this type of thing).

    I’m buying v5 just because of the fact that if it saves you one hour of work it’s totally worth supporting the developers.

  • Thanks @Hube2 (I see you help out a lot here; I do this on a couple of WP theme forums for folks using same themes as me). 🙂

    I will give this a try now since I happen to have the template open right this moment!

  • I think the goal is to have the free version be free, and the pro version to provide support.

    So, somebody who needs 10 hours of support for a free plugin, won’t be taking up all their time anymore.

  • okay, looks like we’d already set max post to 32M, and upload max to 16M “server wide” for our system on general principal (new system deployed Jan 1 2014).

    I am seeing now it’s likely a “206” error, which is a mod_security issue and completely unrelated to “how big is the paste in data.” (d’oh!)

  • Thanks so much. That is super helpful, as I’m trying to determine if it’s THAT issue or related to mod_security not liking some of the elements I’m pasting in since they are 30% URLs. Since we have our own server, easy to change stuff and many can be changed now from the Plesk/Parallels admin panel without having to do command line/shell stuff.

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