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Ok guys, so what happened to the support here?

  • I must say support is pretty much dead here. Fantastic product, really really bad support. You guys have to do something about it!

    Look at the forums… almost none of the questions in the forums get answered, all 0 answers, people ask important questions and no stuff replies at all! You guys need like 2 minutes to answer most of those questions. And you can send them an email requesting support ticket but they will never reply. I sent it like month ago.

    I know you guys have a lot of work to do, and believe me I REALLY appreciate it, and I really love your plugin, but there are Pro users here, and some have bought a developer licence. So if you can’t answer all the questions, at least give Pro users a way to get some real support, cause they paid for it.


  • That’s exactly what I just thought when had my first issue with ACF5 PRO. It’s really irritating to have such a great product but not being able to get ANY support. Now I wish I would have selected a different solution instead.

  • This is basically a user support forum where other users help you if they can and have the time.

    If you have a bug report, something is not working as it should, or need help with something specific to ACF then you should email [email protected] (there is a link on this page that says “Open a new support ticket”) You can try the bug reports forum, not sure if anyone keeps an eye on that. Also, if you have access to the github repo, Elliot is very good about responding to bug reports there.

    And I’m just another user.


  • Hey Hube2,

    well actually the issue is that the team is very bad at responding to emails (support ticket). If they would answer those questions it wouldn’t be a problem, but they’re either not responding or they are responding in a month or so.


  • I haven’t tried the support email. I don’t think that Elliot is personally handling support any more. I remember him saying something along these lines in a video I watched ( Since he’s not really watching these boards and he’s not personally doing support, not sure what to say except I guess I’m glad I haven’t needed to contact them.

    I have access to the github repo and I watch that. I do see bugs there that are coming form support questions. I know that Elliot is working on things and generally responds to bug reports submitted there very quickly.

  • I think the goal is to have the free version be free, and the pro version to provide support.

    So, somebody who needs 10 hours of support for a free plugin, won’t be taking up all their time anymore.

  • I’d have to agree with simchris.

    If you’ve purchased the Pro version, I’m not sure how much support I’d expect for questions along the “How do I” line though.

    For example, if it’s a question about something that’s really more about general WP then it is about ACF Pro those questions are probably not going to get an answer. When I visit here I do see a lot of questions that are more general WP questions than ACF specific questions.

    Even when they are questions that are specific to how to do something with ACF, the documentation that’s available on this site is really good, and how to questions are likely to go unanswered by support, especially if it is something that’s covered in the documentation.

    I don’t want to discount anyone that’s saying they’re having a problem getting answers from support, just saying that there may or may not be a valid reason why you’re not getting a response.

    I do know that whenever I submit a bug report or when I’m asking about something that is not working the way I expect it to work that I generally get a reply within 24 hours.

  • And of course @Hube2 has been helping out a lot.
    Just solved my simple duh moment on something. (THANKS!) 🙂

    I’ve only had to submit a support ticket once and I got a prompt response as it was something really arcane not covered in the docs and very specific to ACF and I had explicit information on solutions I tried and got unusual result, and essentially is now built into v5, and was not a “how do I install the plugin” kind of thing.

    Truly awesome plugin. Can’t live without it. Saves me so much time from the olden days of making custom fields and editing functions.php for this kind of thing (I still put in 50 lines of custom stuff in functions.php anyway, but not for this type of thing).

    I’m buying v5 just because of the fact that if it saves you one hour of work it’s totally worth supporting the developers.

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