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  • And of course @Hube2 has been helping out a lot.
    Just solved my simple duh moment on something. (THANKS!) 🙂

    I’ve only had to submit a support ticket once and I got a prompt response as it was something really arcane not covered in the docs and very specific to ACF and I had explicit information on solutions I tried and got unusual result, and essentially is now built into v5, and was not a “how do I install the plugin” kind of thing.

    Truly awesome plugin. Can’t live without it. Saves me so much time from the olden days of making custom fields and editing functions.php for this kind of thing (I still put in 50 lines of custom stuff in functions.php anyway, but not for this type of thing).

    I’m buying v5 just because of the fact that if it saves you one hour of work it’s totally worth supporting the developers.