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  • Cool!

    You know what would be awesome…

    … if we could use ACF (any version) in our plugin/theme, and keep or fields tucked away in JSON…

    … and then, even if someone already has ACF installed (any version), or installs it later..

    … our plugin/theme hums along nicely because we are just running a unique “instance” of ACF.

    Isn’t that how classes work in PHP? I’m limited in what I know about programming.

    Anyway… I realize it probably wasn’t a priority in the early days to make it so we can use the plugin in our own work. However, I would happily pay a yearly fee for that ability.

    I have heaps of plugins created on individual websites using ACF. I would love to package them up and put them on or sell the ones that use ACF Pro.

    I gave up on that idea awhile back though, and it’s just too cumbersome to *not* use ACF.

  • The answer is… that it’s silly promoting the use ACF in themes and plugins unless you are in a vaccuum 😉 I was soooo excited about the possibilities. It was a mere pipe dream lol Still love and appreciate the tool though. Bet ya Elliot is kicking himself for not charging yearly for it!

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the great examples. I can really use many of those in my work! Great resource. I believe I recognize your name as someone who makes my life easier when generating dynamic content for Contact Form 7 too… so thanks for that!!

    I combed through your ACF AJAX examples… and I think that the *only* thing you haven’t covered is for my situation described above lol Everything else seems to be there 🙂

    Can you show me which one you think is the closest based on what I described?

    Thanks again… I appreciate your contributions to ACF, CF7, and WordPress overall.


  • Thanks James…

    I’ve spent many many hours with that link, trying to convert it to something that’ll work for my situation, with no luck.

    Things are *significantly* different when using Post Objects over a standard Select (a Select is what is being used on

    There HAS to be a simple to follow process, or something existing… this is such a common issue with ACF.

    Someone else… help???

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Since you have experience including ACF in a plugin, can you please check out my thread? Maybe you thought of the same things I did and have addressed them?

    I am specifically concerned about if someone already has ACF installed, or if they install it after installing my plugin… know what I mean?

    Here’s a link to my thread:

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hey there…

    I Google around, and didn’t really find anything concrete. There was a Premium Plugin “starting at $39” that allegedly converts Drupal CF’s to WP CF’s, but I don’t know if that suddenly makes them compatible with ACF.

    What I might do in your situation is the following:

    1) Look at the structure of the CF’s in your Drupal Export file (I assume it’s text based, like JSON or XML maybe?)

    2) Install WP + ACF and create similar CF’s and export them… and compare… and modify your import file.

    I don’t know… I realize I’m not much help for this issue… it seems like there is a lot to consider when migrating from Drupal to WP.

    Best of luck to you, and I apologize I don’t have a solution for you!


  • I use both Types and ACF in conjunction.

    I use Types to easily create CPT’s, but never use it for custom fields. However, all of the CF’s are listed within it to be viewed…

    I have never had any issue using ACF to control my fields even though Types is installed.

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “insisting being handled by Toolset Types” and then perhaps I could be of more help to you?


  • Hi there…

    I was able to get something like the following to work:

    $asin = get_field('asin');
    echo do_shortcode( "[asin=$asin]" );

    Hope that helps!

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