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  • Cool!

    You know what would be awesome…

    … if we could use ACF (any version) in our plugin/theme, and keep or fields tucked away in JSON…

    … and then, even if someone already has ACF installed (any version), or installs it later..

    … our plugin/theme hums along nicely because we are just running a unique “instance” of ACF.

    Isn’t that how classes work in PHP? I’m limited in what I know about programming.

    Anyway… I realize it probably wasn’t a priority in the early days to make it so we can use the plugin in our own work. However, I would happily pay a yearly fee for that ability.

    I have heaps of plugins created on individual websites using ACF. I would love to package them up and put them on or sell the ones that use ACF Pro.

    I gave up on that idea awhile back though, and it’s just too cumbersome to *not* use ACF.