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Toolset Types to ACF

  • I’m relatively new to wordpress – I have built custom themes in the past but haven’t got much knowledge about the internals of the database or many of the third party plugins.

    I have recently purchased a migration tool that brought all of my data in from another CMS – however the custom fields by default are insisting being handled by Toolset Types.

    Is there a way I can convert them from that format to ACF as I feel ACF pro has better flexibility. I have seen articles about going the other direction but not Types to ACF.


  • I use both Types and ACF in conjunction.

    I use Types to easily create CPT’s, but never use it for custom fields. However, all of the CF’s are listed within it to be viewed…

    I have never had any issue using ACF to control my fields even though Types is installed.

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “insisting being handled by Toolset Types” and then perhaps I could be of more help to you?


  • Keith, Thanks for your kind response.

    The migration tool has taken my old Drupal data and in the process has said – “you need to install types to expose the custom drupal fields”. (i’m not saying anything bad about that migration tool btw – it’s absolutely great).

    It just so happens that i’m not so sure the custom field tool of choice corresponds with mine.

    If I can change the Types fields in some way so they can be run by ACF then i’d be very happy.


  • Hey there…

    I Google around, and didn’t really find anything concrete. There was a Premium Plugin “starting at $39” that allegedly converts Drupal CF’s to WP CF’s, but I don’t know if that suddenly makes them compatible with ACF.

    What I might do in your situation is the following:

    1) Look at the structure of the CF’s in your Drupal Export file (I assume it’s text based, like JSON or XML maybe?)

    2) Install WP + ACF and create similar CF’s and export them… and compare… and modify your import file.

    I don’t know… I realize I’m not much help for this issue… it seems like there is a lot to consider when migrating from Drupal to WP.

    Best of luck to you, and I apologize I don’t have a solution for you!


  • You may also want to look into this, the premium version supports importing to ACF fields.

  • The migration is from database to database so no intermediate files.

    I’ve had some success just by defining the custom post type in functions.php and just making sure the field names (and field input types) are the same as the ones in Toolset types. And voila – I’ve uninstalled Types and there they are in ACF.

    I’ve yet to deal with some of the taxonomy issues but I’m hoping I can take a similar approach.

  • It really depends on the field type and how types stores the values, which @klock mentioned. Some ACF fields require special treatment, but most fields that hold simple text in the database will work just by setting up the fields with the same field name.

  • I just transitioned a large site that had been using WP Types to ACF.

    It was easier than I expected.

    1. export the Types data. It’s an xml file. I converted it to json (using this for readability.
    2. review the fields created with Types. All Types fields are prepended “wpcf-” in the database. So, say you had an image field named “portrait”, simply recreate it in ACF with this name: “wpcf-portrait”.
    3. Carefully recreate all group fields, always keeping the same wpcf-name. all the info you need (description, field type, etc…) is in the xml/json file.
    4. Modify your theme templates. Wherever you find the function type_render_field(‘portrait’), you need to replace it with the_field(‘wpcf-portrait’) or get_field(‘wpcf-portrait’).

    It took me about two hours but it was worthy: ACF is so much better and so much more stable. Can’t count the number of times Toolset introduced bugs with its plugin updates.

    Anyways, hope this helps.

  • I have to say that I am glad to see that I am not the only one with Toolset issues. I was migrating a Drupal site that said that I needed to install Toolset. I actually thought it looked good even though I was hesitant to install it. Managing CPT and Tax looked so easy. I then started having sooooo many issues with mapping to the fields and wasted countless hours with little to show. I guess I was lead to believe that the fields offered by toolset were inclusive to the plugin so it made it easier to use and apparently better than any other field plugins out there. Ummmmmm. No. As it stands, ACF still kicks it and does a better job than anything else out there. Could not imagine WordPress without it. Well worth the money. I guess we learn from our mistakes but glad that there are others that are willing to share how they managed to migrate away. Thanks to all of the suggestions.

  • Thanks for all of these suggestions (over a very long running thread!) – I find myself in the same situation of needing to export posts from a very old Drupal site to WordPress.

    For people who’ve gone the route from Drupal -> WordPress using the FG Drupal to WordPress plugin: do you recall how you managed to get main content from Drupal (the ‘Body’ field, at least in Drupal 6) to map to the WordPress Editor field field? It’s weird – I can get all the posts to import, but the Editor field remains blank. (Other than the post title, you think that this would be the easiest field to move over…)

    At this point I’m not even trying to get Drupal fields to map to ACF – I’m going to use ACF on new posts only. I feel like I’m so on the cusp of getting FG Drupal to work – but like I said – I can’t seem to get anything in the regular Drupal Body field to map to the WordPress Editor field.

    I’m definitely intending to share what I found out after I pull this off!

  • Hey Oxygensmith

    That is a really strange situation and one that I did not run into thankfully. My issue was that it did not map the featured images so I was left with 700 articles that I had to manually map images to. From what I saw when migrating from Drupal (7 in my case), the body content was pretty straight forward as the content area was probably left unaltered in the Drupal install I was migrating. My only suggestion would be that there may be a custom configuration at the Drupal end that is attached to the content body which is causing issues with the content mapping.

    Just something that I wanted to add. Once you migrate the site, it will most likely tell you that you need to install Toolset Types to manage the Custom Post Types and the Taxonomies. Once you install Toolset Types, it pulls in Bootstrap as well which it says is needed to run the Toolset Types plugin and will not let you use it without it. Luckily I was able to map the CPT and Tax to the CPT UI plugin which is pretty cool. I replaced the Toolset Post, Term and Meta fields with ACF.

    Not sure if this at all helped. Just giving some insight from what I went through with the FG plugin.


  • Hi Muzkore,

    going through this right now, what were the steps you had to take to transfer from Toolset to CPT UI/ACF?

  • Hey there Jony

    If you still need some help, shoot me a message at [email protected] and if you can give me a little info about your site as in how many post types are present, how many taxonomies, how many field groups, that will help me give you some insight into how you can migrate them. I wil lalso say that it may be worth taking a look at your site and seeing if all of the migrated Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and fields are needed.

    If you have already done it, I’m hoping it worked as it can be a tad tedious. An automated script would be awesome.


  • hey all. i stumble upon this after googling “stay away from toolset”
    that’s how frustrated i was.

    i hope there is a guide for people who want to move from toolset to ACF.
    i was a die-hard toolset fan, i even got their lifetime membership [no, I am not seeling it.]

    the main issue is the bugginess, bloody 70 scripts and styles is loading in a simple page template with a map, search form, filter, etc.


  • Hi,

    I just migrated a Website from Drupal to WordPress using the FG Drupal to WP plugin and after some difficulties (process kept stopping and had to be resumed constantly), I succeeded. The problem is that yes, the plugin requires the use of Toolset Types, which I don’t want to use, I prefer ACF like most people around here.

    So it works, but now I need to turn Toolset fields into ACF fields, and if I understand that I need to recreate all the fields in ACF, i don’t see how I can transfer the content of the Toolset fields to the new ACF ones.

    In his message, @pixeline doesn’t say anything about that part, only to modify the template, but it looks like there’s a missing step between 3 and 4: move the Toolset data to ACF fields.

    If @pixeline or @muzKore (or somebody else) can give me a hand here, I’d appreciate ☺️


  • Hi,

    Useful thread, but short of one thing: How do you transfer Toolset Types data to ACF after the migration is done using the FG Drupal to WP plugin?

    I just succeeded on doing a migration, everything’s working fine, I even got the images set as featured images, so far so good. But I don’t want to use Toolset Types like most people around here.

    In his message, @pixeline doesn’t say anything about how to transfer the Toolset Types fields content to ACF fields, only to edit the template to replace Toolset fields rendering with ACF fields. It seems like there’s a missing step between 3 and 4: actually moving data from Toolset Types to ACF.

    If @pixeline or @muzKore (or somebody else) could give me a hand here, I’d appreciate ☺️


  • Also, Toolset Types created a custom content instead of using the standard post type —99% of the content is now using this custom content type.

    Can I move everything to regular posts? If I *really*need to keep it as a custom content type for some reason, I’m okay to use the CPT plugin.


  • Unfortunately, this is true. Very often templates glitch and produce errors. I tried to use a content template for this project, but I eventually abandoned the idea because there were many errors that could not be fixed by myself.

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