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  • @rrmeines it shouldn’t (in theory) make a difference how the wysiwyg field is being inserted since the ‘acf/init’ hook fires after ACF is loaded, so wpautop should be removed for any fields that use it.

    Maybe there is something else that is using the native ‘the_content’ filter which is overriding the acf filter?

    I’ve never tried using wysiwyg in a repeater or flexible context though, so that might be related to the problem you’re having.

  • Lol! It’s always nice to chat to someone equally pedantic as I am 🙂

    I get that, however the point I am making is that ACF includes a number field, yet there is no reference to this field in the documentation.

    That means when people come here to ACF to try and learn about the field which is available as an option to choose from in the Field Groups, there is nothing to guide them about its use at all.

    The field exists, it should, in my opinion, at least be mentioned, and the information which you have have shared, and which is properly documented in the MDN library and other places, could very easily be added to the information here in the ACF documentation.

    I have subsequently learnt about the restrictions and reasoning behind the logic of how the number field works as I found the information I needed by searching the internet, and one of the resources I found was the MDN article you linked to earlier.

    It is in fact possible to format the numbers in the number field by using php, although whether or not this is a good idea is debatable, and my own conclusion is that it is not a good idea for the reasons outlined in the MDN article.

    The fact remains, that ACF has included the field in the available options, and because it exists it should be documented so that people don’t have to beat around the bush to learn what it is most suitable to be used for.

    None of us know anything until we learn, once we know the answer to the question we gain understanding. I don’t understand why a field provided by the tool I have purchased is completely without any mention in the documentation. It’s an omission.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to chat to me, but I think we are not really talking about the thing from the same perspective.

    Hopefully this conversation will make it easier for others who are as befuddled as I was initially to find the information they are looking for, although it would be preferable if ACF took a moment to just add some information to their docs because the field exists.

  • Thanks for chipping in, however this wasn’t really the point of the question.

    ACF itself includes a Number Field in the available choices, so it is natural for people to come here to the ACF website to read about it, or see if there are any configurable options available.

    Even if there are no options, the fact that the field type is simply missing from the ACF documentation seems like it must be an oversight, as I can’t imagine it has been excluded deliberately for any reason.

    Perhaps I should open a ticket and mention it, someone probably just forgot to add a reference to it since it’s such a basic field.

    Also, it would be considered a public service if ACF included some examples of how to add things like commas or other currency notation right here in their documentation, instead making their users go hunting for answers all over the internet, even a couple of links such as the one you kindly provided would be better than nothing.

  • Your code is different to what I posted.. What I posted above with a priority of 15 worked for me. Unfortunately I don’t have any other suggestions.

  • Try adding a priority to the function, this worked for me:

    function acf_wysiwyg_remove_wpautop() {
        remove_filter('acf_the_content', 'wpautop' );
    add_action('acf/init', 'acf_wysiwyg_remove_wpautop', 15);
  • Hi,

    Not sure if this will work for you, but it worked for me..

    //Remove WPAUTOP from ACF TinyMCE Editor
    function acf_wysiwyg_remove_wpautop() {
        remove_filter('acf_the_content', 'wpautop' );
    add_action('acf/init', 'acf_wysiwyg_remove_wpautop');

    This will remove it from all ACF WYSIWYG fields, but you should be able to target this to just one field..

    The difference between this function and the others I saw in this thread, is that the action is added on ‘acf/init’

  • This question has been marked as solved, but apparently it is not.

    ACF Pro latest in latest WP. None of the filters above seem to work.

  • Hey James,

    Thanks very much, but I actually just deleted all the fields and groups in 4, deleted the plugin and started again in 5. Fortunately is wasn’t a huge task, pity I didn’t wait for the solution first though!



  • Hi there James,

    There was no option to upgrade my database (and I had already read the information in your link before I submitted a ticket).

    Once version 5 is activated, you will be prompted to upgrade your database.Please make sure you have backed up your database before running this tool.

    There is no prompt, and I have tried deleting both version and trying again to no avail.

    I guess I need to delete the old fields and plugin, then install v5 and start again?


  • It is probably worth mentioning again, that although “Yoast SEO” plugin does not parse the content written in ACF fields in the backend, and therefore you might be seeing Yoast warnings (traffic lights, whatever), the main thing Yoast is useful for, is to write your meta titles and descriptions, as well as the handy options in the advanced settings for indexing, following and canonical settings etc on the actual posts, and the additional settings for the meta in the plugin settings itself (sitemaps, taxonomy stuff etc, and maybe the Social Media bling if your theme itself doesn’t already offer such options).

    The actual feedback advice it provides on the posts on the admin side is just fluff, it doesn’t do anything for your real SEO, all it does is offer tips based on “Yoast Best Practice”.

    The content in the fields that is displayed on the front end of the site is read by the search engine spiders (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, evilspiders, etc), and that is what counts.

    So as long as you follow the basic principles of having a permalink that matches your main keyword (as reasonably as is practical), and your Meta Title and Description, H1 Page Title, and Content hold your focus keyword then that is what matters, no matter if it is written in the WP TinyMCE editor, or an Advanced Custom Field.

    The Content that cannot be “seen” by Yoast, can most definitely be seen by the spiders, and they could care less about the Yoastie Toastie traffic lights.

    Although of course I am not saying it wouldn’t be nice to have the components working well together, it would be nice.. what I am saying, is it doesn’t really matter in real terms, as long as you follow the basic principles of SEO when writing your content. The real value of Yoast is the other admin settings of the plugin.

  • Same problem. I just submitted a ticket, but wonder why there is no guidance relating to this natural progression from “free” to “pro”?

    I’m working on it, if I find the answer before support replies will update this response.

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