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  • Thanks for chipping in, however this wasn’t really the point of the question.

    ACF itself includes a Number Field in the available choices, so it is natural for people to come here to the ACF website to read about it, or see if there are any configurable options available.

    Even if there are no options, the fact that the field type is simply missing from the ACF documentation seems like it must be an oversight, as I can’t imagine it has been excluded deliberately for any reason.

    Perhaps I should open a ticket and mention it, someone probably just forgot to add a reference to it since it’s such a basic field.

    Also, it would be considered a public service if ACF included some examples of how to add things like commas or other currency notation right here in their documentation, instead making their users go hunting for answers all over the internet, even a couple of links such as the one you kindly provided would be better than nothing.