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fields disappear after upgrading from free version to PRO version

  • hello everyone,

    i have a wordpress-site (in backend acf is working -> free version). now i installed the Pro-version, but all fields i have created in backend disappeard! in the frontend the content i wrote is still there but i cant modify it! is there anyone with the same problem and is there any solution for my problem?

    thank you!

  • Same problem. I just submitted a ticket, but wonder why there is no guidance relating to this natural progression from “free” to “pro”?

    I’m working on it, if I find the answer before support replies will update this response.

  • Hi @gecko_acf

    It’s possible that you forgot to upgrade the database when you updated ACF. Could you please take a look at this page to learn more about it:


  • Hi there James,

    There was no option to upgrade my database (and I had already read the information in your link before I submitted a ticket).

    Once version 5 is activated, you will be prompted to upgrade your database.Please make sure you have backed up your database before running this tool.

    There is no prompt, and I have tried deleting both version and trying again to no avail.

    I guess I need to delete the old fields and plugin, then install v5 and start again?


  • Hi Guy,

    Could you please try the workaround in this thread:

    Don’t forget to backup your site before doing it.


  • Hey James,

    Thanks very much, but I actually just deleted all the fields and groups in 4, deleted the plugin and started again in 5. Fortunately is wasn’t a huge task, pity I didn’t wait for the solution first though!



  • Hi,
    Just to report this is still an issue for new pro users. I deactivated 4.4.6, installed 5.3.7 and didn’t get any flag to upgrade database to comply with acf pro upgrade.
    I tried the workaround and got undefined option error (update_option(‘acf_version’, $options[‘version’] );) however, when I reverted admim/update.php to it’s original version and visited /post_type=acf-field-group my old 4.4.6 fields showed up ok.

    ***The script is triggered on each page load so multiple versions are created if you don’t realize what’s happened!***

    This is a sketchy experience for pro upgrade, no?

  • Hi @okso

    That is quite odd.

    Did you follow all the steps outlined in the documentation on how to migrate?


  • Hi James,
    Yes, I can confirm I enabled pro, then disabled 4.4.6 before visiting /post_type=acf-field-group. I reverted database and ran through again to double check and had exactly the same result.

    By using this gist,
    adding the mod update.php, visiting /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=acf-field-group&page=acf-upgrade ***once only***, reverting update.php, and then finally returning to /post_type=acf-field-group I found my fields displayed and usable.

    Hope this helps. David

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