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  • Hosting seems to have resolved the issue.

    But they did it by disabling PHP Suhosin. Odd way of “resolving” I think.

    Isn’t Suhosin and ACF compatible??

  • Ok. Appreciate your help!

    Nope. It seems like we can confirm that this is a server issue. Hosting doesn’t have a clue though. Still says its a php version issue.

    I don’t know. 5.6.19 has been out for two months. If ACF didn’t run with that version the issue would have been known already, I think.

    I you happen to have a clue what to tell my hosting, please let me know.


  • Oh, sorry! I thought you were with the ACF team!

    I guess that that is how it’s supposed to work. That you get an empty value. Obviously something is wrong here.

    A test site with only ACF Pro running.

  • Ok. Here is something new and maybe helpful!

    When I edit the field to anything not just empty, it returns this:

    [field_572797d158ec1] => testvalu

    But when I leave it empty and update the post I get the green sign saying “post updated” and the field is filled with its original value.

    So when set to empty nothing is sent? What does that tell us?

  • I’ve submitted a ticket.

    If interested you can have login details to the site to see for yourself. Let me know where to send it.

  • Ok. Tried this.

    It doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t break my site. It doesn’t return anything.

    This is supposed to happen on the edit-post-screen right?

    Since this is a test site I haven’t included the field to any template. Since it’s a backend issue.

  • Thanks for your thoughts.

    Not sure where to put the code or what to expect from it.

    I have a fresh test install using Twentysixteen theme. Put that in on top of the functions.php file (inside the opening tag). All that gives me is a white screen with:


    I must be doing it wrong. Any hints?

  • It surely does. But I did check for that. And it’s not that. And I have found the same issue on other sites. I recently moved a lot of sites to a new host and it seems to be a server issue.

    Although, the host thinks it’s a issue with the PHP version, 5.6.19

    Is there any known issues with ACF PRO and PHP version 5.6.19?

  • The issue was resolved with the 5.3.5 release. No problem updating to that version.

  • Ok. So I’ve checked My Account.

    The license key is correct. I didn’t think anything else since after entering it the update-plugin-button on the license-key-page was activated.

    But I don’t know about the listing of domains. Here is what it says:

    Activations: 41 of unlimited activations

    And when I click “manage activations” it returns: “Sorry 🙁 No posts found”

  • Not listed? What is that? I’ve never listed a domain. And I have never encountered this problem before.

    When developing on localhost, is it no longer possible to update?

  • Tried upgrading to ACF PRO 5.0.8

    Still the same problem.

    And even more! Now the WordPress Media Grid page is blank.

    Any ideas? Please.

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