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  • Is there a way to make just the options page translatable, but not other fields?

    I was getting blanks for all my options settings in French (alternative language) and then enabled field translation and translated the settings fields, but then all my other fields disappeared because I don’t have translations for them.

    I then disabled ‘make field groups translatable’ and both options field groups showed up together in the main language.. it is showing properly for now, but not really in a way that makes proper sense.

    I read that translating of Options is built-in now, but is that how it is supposed to behave?

  • To be specific, I am talking about the Custom Field groups not the content of them.

    I have field groups set as ‘translate’, fields as ‘do nothing’. In the Field Groups editor I checked the ‘duplicate’ box then clicked the ‘duplicate button. It copied them over into the new language, but if I change the label of a field in English it stays the same in French ..

  • I believe I did, I will have to retest. Is there a way to know after the fact?

  • Yeah I will probably do it that way, thanks! I can see it being requested often as it gets quite repetitive, especially if we also want to accept file uploads and its in multiple places

  • This is really nice, to allow editors to put emphasis and links in some textareas.

    Is there a way you could limit *which* shortcodes are available?

  • ..I accidentally clicked the thumbs up to mark my post as the topic solution and can’t see how to undo it :p

    So with layouts and flexible content.. a layout is the unit of flexible content, but that wouldn’t allow us to use a group of fields as a layout would it? That was how I was imagining using it to have predefined things like ‘resource list’, ‘feature list’, ‘hero’ etc but be able to control somewhat which pages get which layouts as options

  • Ah so if a field is registered via PHP register_fields function it doesn’t show up in the Fields admin section? Or it will if it has already been entered there but otherwise it will not?

    I am not sure from the documentation if I want to create fields using the interface, but save them using PHP so it’s not database dependent what the workflow there would be.

  • Do you think we are talking days, weeks, months do you think? I’m not familiar with the update cycle.

    I may play around with seeing if I can do it manually in the meantime

  • That’s great! On the backend would it duplicate them or reference them? (ie kept up to date if one of them changes do they both change?)

    In the meantime.. can fields be created through PHP (using exports at first) and assigned to variables and reused that way? We were thinking of storing them in PHP regardless (if that’s a responsible approach…) and I have no problem doing some array/object construction in PHP

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