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Syncing translation of field group

  • I’m using ACF + WPML and looking for a solution that keeps the field names and attributes (not contents) synced between 2 languages. I don’t want the data structure to be any different in any different language, just the contents.

    When I’ve been testing, following the information in the docs, I have tried adding translations etc, but they do not remain in sync if I change the original. Anyone know what I have to do to keep them synced?

  • Hi @cutcopypaste,

    Thanks for the post.

    The first step in creating multilingual content is to duplicate the field group for each of your languages. When this is done, the field group settings should be in sync across all the translations so it is a bit odd that this is not the case for you.

    Can you confirm that you are using the translate independently option when translating your posts?

  • I believe I did, I will have to retest. Is there a way to know after the fact?

  • To be specific, I am talking about the Custom Field groups not the content of them.

    I have field groups set as ‘translate’, fields as ‘do nothing’. In the Field Groups editor I checked the ‘duplicate’ box then clicked the ‘duplicate button. It copied them over into the new language, but if I change the label of a field in English it stays the same in French ..

  • Hi @cutcopypaste

    If you don’t want to translate the field groups’ options, you need to set the field groups as “do nothing”. That way you don’t need to create the translations so there’s nothing to keep in sync.

    I hope this makes sense 🙂

  • Is it possible the other way around?

    Imagine this set-up;

    1. I create a text-field in English
    2. I set it to be ‘required‘ *
    3. I duplicate the text-field to Italian
    4. I change my mind; the feeld is not required
    5. I set it (in English) to ‘not required
    6. …the Italian version must automatically sync this adjusted setting and also set to ‘not required

    So the display-logic / conditional-logic is only changed in the ‘parent fieldgroup’ and all the translated-versions must be synced automatically with the new logic.

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