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Persistent ACF Options Fields + WPML

  • Hi there,

    We’ve made some field groups to create an options page for a custom theme. Things were working brilliantly until we started working with WPML and translations on the site…when it dawned on us that ACF Options field didn’t persist across languages…and that we had to translate each one/duplicate each one for each language. While this is OK for content related fields, for items like a logo or color (e.g. ‘global options’), this doesn’t make sense.

    Unfortunately, we’ve depended quite heavily on ACF Options to work on our theme and now this is a bit of a total disaster. We’re trying to figure out a solution ASAP.

    Our original idea is to use WPML’s Translation management to set fields manually that shouldn’t be translated. As a long-term solution, this is obviously far from ideal as we would have to do this every time we use our theme (there’s a TON of options).

    Is there a way to force options fields (without doing field name hacks)?

    Any ideas / solutions would be massively appreciated and thanks in advance!

  • Well, sometimes the solution is just a few minutes away…sigh.

    To work around theme options regardless of language, we implemented How to get language independent ACF theme options on a WPML site

  • As soon as I started reading you’re first post I was thinking of exactly that solution. Glad you were able to find it.

  • I like this solution, but I’m hoping to extend it slightly so that some fields within the WP backend always remain the same, whereas others can be modified for each language. For example:

    – A theme colour selector should remain the same across all languages.

    – Custom footer text should be changed dependant on language.

    Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?


  • Is there a way to make just the options page translatable, but not other fields?

    I was getting blanks for all my options settings in French (alternative language) and then enabled field translation and translated the settings fields, but then all my other fields disappeared because I don’t have translations for them.

    I then disabled ‘make field groups translatable’ and both options field groups showed up together in the main language.. it is showing properly for now, but not really in a way that makes proper sense.

    I read that translating of Options is built-in now, but is that how it is supposed to behave?

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