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  • I am having the same problem, is there a solution for that?

    I have a relationship field, it works fine on PC. But when I open form on small devices (like tablet or smart phone), remove button in relationship field doesn’t show.

  • I was looking for that solution and it worked like a charm, thanks again Huebner.

    And I have a question about it,

    I want to edit the same post on the same page but different parts of it in different navigation tabs.

    So I added 2 acf_form element on the same page with different $options.
    I am getting [DOM] warning that “Found 2 elements with non-unique id”

    Code still works well, but I wonder would that warning be a problem?

  • Yes while I was searching for an answer I came across your plugin and read all that’s on plugin page, I wonder if it’s different from manually adding code to functions.php?

    And should I remove existing filters in functions.php before trying your plugin

  • I am not familiar with max_input_vars values, do you have a suggestion? I read on some websites they say it must be above 3000 but not much of an explanation was there about the number.

    And by the way I am using a shared hosting I wonder if that’s a problem. They may restrict some functionalities to the shared hosting users.

  • I am having the exact same problem with my multisite. Everything works well in the back-end, but when I try to use front-end form to create a new post, post object field doesn’t populate any choices. Or if I choose something and save it from back-end, it only shows that selected option on the front-end.

    Other fields that use select2 (user field etc.) also doesn’t populate any choices on the front-end form.

    I am using acf_form function

    I am using wordpress 5.4 and ACF 5.8.9

    *I don’t have any JS errors on console
    *I don’t have any PHP errors on WP_DEBUG
    *I tried to disable all other plugins but that didn’t work either
    *I tried every possible placement of wp_footer and acf_form_head to give best priority to loading of acf components
    *my custom theme doesn’t contain any other AJAX requests
    *I read all forum threads and google search results about similiar errors.

    Still couldn’t find an answer.

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