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Heavy Usage Of ACF

  • Hi everyone here is my situation and question for ACF community,

    I am using ACF to make a fairly large web-app, I have 40-50 custom post types and more than 1000 custom fields in total.

    Today I am making the heaviest of the post types which has nearly 300 custom fields (those fields include calculated fields, repeater fields, pre-loaded fields if I have to count the repeater fields it’s probably more than 4000 fields in total)

    When I get past 100 fields my app started to miss some values on saving, when I save 50-60 custom fields at once, some of them didn’t save. That one time some conditional logics disappeared from my field group all of a sudden.

    So my question is, is there a limit what you can do with ACF? Or is it about my hosting plan&provider? What happens when I try to save 1000 fields at once with acf_form from the front-end app?

    Is there any other people out there making this kinda heavy projects with ACF PRO?

  • Your issue is with php settings. Most likely max_input_vars and possibly also max_input_nesting_level. You need to increase the limits on these values.

  • I am not familiar with max_input_vars values, do you have a suggestion? I read on some websites they say it must be above 3000 but not much of an explanation was there about the number.

    And by the way I am using a shared hosting I wonder if that’s a problem. They may restrict some functionalities to the shared hosting users.

  • There are multiple ways that these values can be set. Contact your hosting provider and see what method they suggest. I have rarely seen a hosting provider that didn’t allow this setting to be altered.

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