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  • I am having the exact same problem with my multisite. Everything works well in the back-end, but when I try to use front-end form to create a new post, post object field doesn’t populate any choices. Or if I choose something and save it from back-end, it only shows that selected option on the front-end.

    Other fields that use select2 (user field etc.) also doesn’t populate any choices on the front-end form.

    I am using acf_form function

    I am using wordpress 5.4 and ACF 5.8.9

    *I don’t have any JS errors on console
    *I don’t have any PHP errors on WP_DEBUG
    *I tried to disable all other plugins but that didn’t work either
    *I tried every possible placement of wp_footer and acf_form_head to give best priority to loading of acf components
    *my custom theme doesn’t contain any other AJAX requests
    *I read all forum threads and google search results about similiar errors.

    Still couldn’t find an answer.