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  • @moritzjacobs
    I installed your plugin and it works perfectly!

  • I follow this thread because it also interests me 🙂

  • I forgot to specify that I do not know if mine is the best technique and even if there are others but at least in my case it works really well!

  • Hello.
    I’ve done something similar by working a lot on the code you can write a plugin or in functions.php.
    I will summarize the steps I have done:

    • I inserted a button (using jQuery) that shows a popup
    • In this popup an iframe is loaded to create, for example, a new user
    • When you click the “Publish” button the user is created and the popup closes automatically
    • When closing the popup you have to update the list of users again (you must create using jQuery the same HTML code used by ACF)

    I hope I have been helpful, I can not go into detail because every request can vary from case to case.

    See you soon!

  • I would like that an option of a select is checked by clicking on a button (via jQuery). Is it possible to do it?

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