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    I’m a developer and as per the requirements I have build a plugin for a “Advance select field” that also allow the user to add new custom value like “(checkboxes or radio boxes ACF but checkboxes or radio boxes are not practical if you have to deal with a great amount of values.)”

    So now I’m trying to build something which is suppose to allow us to behave like the ACF “Relational Fields” (Ex. Users, Post Types, etc…). BUT with those field types you cannot add new Users, Posts, etc… you can only select from existing ones.

    This Plugin is suppose to show you that list AND allow you to add new ones from right there.

    So I’m struggling and couldn’t find the way to allow this plugin to add new Users, Post types etc
    Please let me know how can we achieve this?

  • Hello.
    I’ve done something similar by working a lot on the code you can write a plugin or in functions.php.
    I will summarize the steps I have done:

    • I inserted a button (using jQuery) that shows a popup
    • In this popup an iframe is loaded to create, for example, a new user
    • When you click the “Publish” button the user is created and the popup closes automatically
    • When closing the popup you have to update the list of users again (you must create using jQuery the same HTML code used by ACF)

    I hope I have been helpful, I can not go into detail because every request can vary from case to case.

    See you soon!

  • I forgot to specify that I do not know if mine is the best technique and even if there are others but at least in my case it works really well!

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