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  • Agreed. It would be a great addition for ACF to have the ability to show options in a modal, so they can take up all the possible space that they would need. It would be a great way to clean up a page with many options as well.

  • This would be a nice addition, indeed.

  • Agreed. This would be a nice addition for ACF.

  • The problem with code from @jessepearson was that deleted fields weren’t removed. Fields which were changed or added were handled correctly.

    At the moment I’m using a plugin named Advanced Custom Fields: Auto JSON Sync, which handles all situations fine. You can find it here:

  • With the code from jessepearson, I can’t manage the new fields in ACF (they are not visible) and they can’t be added by syncing as there’s not sync option anymore. Did this work at some point, jessepearson?

    I tried to continue on this code, but got nowhere so far. It would be great if ACF added a hook to run the complete sync process so we would be able to do something like this:

    function acf_sync_fields_complete($upgrader_object = null, $options = null) {
    	if ($options['action'] == 'update' && $options['type'] == 'theme' ) :
    add_action( 'upgrader_process_complete', 'acf_sync_fields_complete', 10, 2);

    Note: Above code is not working

  • Wow, I’m really surprised that ACF doesn’t have an option to choose a transparency in a color. Of course we can implement this through PHP, but we want to give our customers freedom and we can best achieve this if the color picker has an extra slider for choosing the transparency.

    I came over from Unyson Framework to Advanced Custom Fields and was used to add RGBA color pickers, but this simply isn’t an option with ACF, apparently?

  • I need this as well, it would be best if there’s a setting for this, but I’m OK with needing to add some JavaScript for it.

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