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Popup with ACF fields

  • There are tabs, that’s cool. It would be also nice to have some kind of “popup”. You know you click a button and a frame opens with ACF fields … :). I saw this in “visual composer” and found it usefull for all kinds of “option” fields.

  • Hi @herrfischer

    Thanks for the feature request!

    Please open a support request via [email protected] so that this can get to the plugin’s author quicker!

  • Hey, I’d like to refresh this topic after 2 years, because I believe that this kind of UI could be extremely useful with the new Gutenberg editor.

    We have now preview and auto mode for blocks, but it’s not the most user friendly interface for more complex blocks. Gutenberg sidebar is inconvenient with repeater fields, and the auto mode can be affected by custom theme styles, and custom fields sometimes looks a bit glitchy.

    Modal could solve all those issues, and also allow users to see effects of changes in real time, just like in the preview mode. If user would be able to move the modal around, it would be just perfect solution for ACF blocks in my opinion.

    Let me know what you think about this ✌️

  • This would be great. I have a page builder and would love to hide some fields that I have on a tab now, but would love to have a tab-pop-up option so those fields are in a modal.

  • With gutenberg, our ACF fields dont have the space they used to. To popup a modal, for some fields/groups is something we’d make great use of.

  • Agreed. It would be a great addition for ACF to have the ability to show options in a modal, so they can take up all the possible space that they would need. It would be a great way to clean up a page with many options as well.

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