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  • Did you ever solve this? We are still having this issue. I believe the issue is that it’s not sending a default lang=” if all languages should be available.

  • Did you ever solve this?

  • I have found that the standard way of pulling posts, acf_get_posts, does not put in a lang argument into the query. So if you have a cpt that should be across multiple languages but no lang=”, you will have them not showing up. I am trying to work out a solution for this too!

  • I’m wondering if there has been any movement or fixes in this in later versions of ACF or since this post was made. I think we run into a problem because the acf/get_posts_args isn’t passing a lang argument which is causing issues with relational posts. We can’t choose the posts we want to see in the post picker (like just that language or all languages) so we had to do some weird things with this (like overwriting the basic acf_get_posts function).

    If we could send it a basic lang=” (for all) or lang=whatever, we wouldn’t have to be forking ACF and could make it work better.

    I think I read somewhere that this is somewhat by design, to lock in the language, so you can only see related posts in the same language when you are using polylang. But we end up with CPTs for things like associated resources that might be used for posts in other languages.

  • I assume you mean if you have a taxonomy under WooComm, you are saying that you have a product post type with a new taxonomy of Brand, right? And then each term in that taxonomy (Brand A, Brand B, Brand C) has a field that has a shipping time associated with it. And that you have found some way (there are a few methods) to limit each product to a single brand term. Yes?

    Then I am not sure why you would want to copy this field elsewhere – would you not just use it in the original location? (Having the same data in 2 places just invites it to be wrong somewhere.) You can pull out the information using this:

    If you really want it in 2 places, you can also use that method to pull out the taxonomy term field value and stuff it into an update_field on the acf/save_post hook.
    See the “applied after save” section and then

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