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  • I assume you mean if you have a taxonomy under WooComm, you are saying that you have a product post type with a new taxonomy of Brand, right? And then each term in that taxonomy (Brand A, Brand B, Brand C) has a field that has a shipping time associated with it. And that you have found some way (there are a few methods) to limit each product to a single brand term. Yes?

    Then I am not sure why you would want to copy this field elsewhere – would you not just use it in the original location? (Having the same data in 2 places just invites it to be wrong somewhere.) You can pull out the information using this:

    If you really want it in 2 places, you can also use that method to pull out the taxonomy term field value and stuff it into an update_field on the acf/save_post hook.
    See the “applied after save” section and then