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  • Just an update for the OP, but I was able to reverse this issue on my main user account by deleting the settings for my ACF meta box positions in the database under wp_usermeta.meta-box-order_acf-field-group.

    Not sure why it happened in the first place, but at least I know how to reverse it now.

    Thanks to Mike from support!

  • John,

    Unfortunately, the arrows you’re mentioning aren’t actually there for the “add new field group” meta box in the ACF admin, at least with my issue. (They are there on the page/post editing side of things though) Also notable to my issue is that the other meta boxes are draggable from the main content area to the sidebar content area – except for the “add new field group” meta box which appears locked in place.

    I also just tested this again, and it appears creating a new user account fixes the issue and the “add new field group” meta box is once again positioned in the main content column/area. So it appears this is somehow tied to the user account, but not sure how/why.

  • Were you ever able to figure this issue out? I’ve ran into the same problem.

    Using ACF 5.9.5 and WordPress 5.7.1.

    Here’s a screenshot of the issue:
    example of field groups in admin sidebar

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