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  • @elliot:
    This is what a noob I am: I didn’t realize you could actually make custom posts appear on ANY page you wanted just by using a query on that page. I thought you had to use one special page to make them show up, and I couldn’t figure out what that mythical one special page was. Now I understand much better how this plugin works, and it blows my mind even more. Thanks for making it!

  • Hi @elliot,
    I did not mean to imply the problem was with ACF. I really am just trying to understand how it works. I’m reading up on the template hierarchy now. Thanks.

  • @elliot,
    I am having the same problem as @emilygutierrez. I am just using the example page from your site:

    and am pretty much getting the same result: just the title with no data.
    I created a Custom Post Type using CPT UI and called it heroimage. I then created a new Custom Field with two entries, custom_title (text) and hero_image (get by URL). I saved the sample page to my theme directory under the title heroimage.php. I entered the data in my custom field and saved it. When I click on View Hero Image, I see only the title, no picture or custom title.

    I have looked into this on various other sites and it seems that the database has to be queried in order to produce results if you are calling them on a page. But your example makes it look like no database query is necessary. I am confused! Please help, because I would really like to master this plugin.

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