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  • Never mind – I worked it out.


    $catarray = get_sub_field(‘categories’);


    ‘category__in’ => $catarray,

  • I’m also seeing that “Enable auto-updates” is not an option with ACF Pro. Is there a way to enable this? Ty

  • Yep – we just updated WP and preview is not showing ACF fields anymore. Please fix!

  • jay.tell, sorry, I never did find a solution, so just chose to leave as is. Very frustrating.

    Completely off topic, but I’ve just come across another bug that I don’t quite fully understand too – where a repeater field ends up populating other similar repeater fields on the page with the same value, and cannot be deleted. I mention only to say that ACF “just works” 99% of the time, but damn it’s frustrating as heck when it doesn’t.

  • natekinkead – I was hoping your tutorial would work, however, it appears it is only for parent fields? In my case, I was wanting to rename a “layout” field within a “flexible content” field type. I get the same result (modules disappear if I rename, reappear if I revert) but I don’t believe these “field names within a field”are stored in the same way?

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