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No option to "Enable auto-updates"

  • Since WP 5.5 plugins can be set to update automatically by going to the Plugin list and click on the “Enable auto-updates” link in the last column of the table.

    Every plugin has this link, ACF Pro does not.

    Is this a bug, or intended? If so, why?

    WP 5.5
    ACF Pro 5.8.14

  • Thinking about it, this is probably not working, because the pro version is not on the official Plugin repository, but has been installed using a ZIP file.

    Is ACF Pro updating automatically using it’s own internal updating methods?

  • Your client Devclick themes needs to update the advance custom fields pro plugin. Can you please contact them to ask them to update it to the latest version. My theme is not working correctly because of the newer updates with wordpress 5.5
    and Your advance custom fields pro plugin was included in my Devclick theme purchase. I have left messages for their support with no replies.
    Can you help? Thank you.

  • I’m also seeing that “Enable auto-updates” is not an option with ACF Pro. Is there a way to enable this? Ty

  • I just looked at a site where I keep copies of all of my paid plugins. Several of my plugins can not be set to auto update. You’ll need to contact the developer, maybe it can be added

    you need to contact the developer of your theme.

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