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  • Great! We’ve had to stop using alot of the term custom field functionality because too much data was stored in the wp_options table breaking our site. Hanging out for the term data to be moved to the new table to reinstate some of this functionality!
    If you need a hand testing let us know!

  • Hi There, it wasn’t a new filter that solved the issue.

    The problem was our custom theme. We were using the pre_get_posts WordPress filter to only show relevant posts to Contributors. This filter was also filtering out ACF fields… so we had to update our theme to check the post_type of what we’re filtering and not filter out ACF fields…

  • I solved the issue by switching themes to a default WordPress theme I worked out the issue was with my theme. We were filtering posts for the contributor and this got rid of the custom fields.

    I made the filter not filter for acf fields. Cheers!

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