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Using wp_termmeta Table for Taxonomy Term Fields

  • Hello,

    I’m wondering if there are still plans to store fields on taxonomy terms in the new termmeta table added in WordPress 4.4. If so, would it be possible to get an ETA on this?

    This thread* from a few months ago says that this was the plan. However, I’m on ACF and WordPress 4.4.1 and term fields still are being saved in the wp_options table.

    If this isn’t in the works, or if it’s not coming soon, is there something I can do to modify this functionality myself? Perhaps a hook?

    It seems that the biggest challenge would be to either upgrade sites that have their term fields saved in wp_options or to have some hybrid compatibility mode. Perhaps one interim solution would be a developer setting to turn the termmeta table on for all term fields.

    Anyway, ACF is extraordinarily useful & flexible, so thank you to Elliot and the rest of the team!


  • I think what was being said in that other post was that there won’t be any conflict with the way that ACF is saving values with WP.

    I’m not the developer, and I can’t speak for him, but I’m sure this is on his radar and that it probably in the works. This is going to be a very large change and there will like you said, there will be backward compatibility issues.

    I will mark this thread for the developer’s attention and if he has time maybe he’ll let us know if there is any time for getting it completed.

  • Hi guys

    I’m adding termmeta to ACF PRO 5.5!

  • Great! We’ve had to stop using alot of the term custom field functionality because too much data was stored in the wp_options table breaking our site. Hanging out for the term data to be moved to the new table to reinstate some of this functionality!
    If you need a hand testing let us know!

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