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Custom Fields not showing for Non Admin

  • Hi There,

    I’ve recently upgraded the plugin from Version 4 to ACF PRO Version 5. The data copied over well and everything seems to be pretty good and alot faster which is great!

    One issue I’ve found is the I have 2 Groups of Custom Fields setup for a Custom Post Type. The 2 groups display fine for the Administrator. However they don’t display for Contributors. I need Contributors to be able to login and edit their information. I even tried setting a conditional rule to show the group for those with a User Role = Contributor but they still didn’t show.

    Could there be an issue with the logic here? I’m using WordPress 4. In ACF Version 4 the fields showed fine for the contributors. It seems since the upgrade to ACF Pro 5 and WordPress 5 they aren’t showing now…

    If you need more information please let me know!


  • I solved the issue by switching themes to a default WordPress theme I worked out the issue was with my theme. We were filtering posts for the contributor and this got rid of the custom fields.

    I made the filter not filter for acf fields. Cheers!

  • Hi @felicity

    Thanks for posting the follow up!

  • Hi, I am experiencing the same issue in my WordPress installation. Do you mind exactly what type of filter did you find and how did you solve it? I can’t manage to find it.


  • Hi There, it wasn’t a new filter that solved the issue.

    The problem was our custom theme. We were using the pre_get_posts WordPress filter to only show relevant posts to Contributors. This filter was also filtering out ACF fields… so we had to update our theme to check the post_type of what we’re filtering and not filter out ACF fields…

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