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  • I would also like it if ACF also supports OpenStreetMap.
    Yes, I think google maps are a lot cooler, but it’s just soothing if you’re not constantly worried that Google Maps will eventually cost you money because too many requests were made by a plugin. You do not know what exactly happens in the background.

    With OpenStreetMap you can at least cache / save the maps, so that the connections could be significantly minimized.
    Overall, OpenStreetMap should be exciting.

    Well, I would also find it very good if ACF also offered maps of OpenStreetMap.
    There is already a plugin, but no official. But maybe the developer of the plugin can help.

  • I have solved it with this way now.

    $grouppersobject = get_field_object('field_number from group_interview', $user_id);

    Is working. Can one make it like this? Yes or?
    Many thanks.

  • Thanks a lot. Thats it.
    But I have seen that one field is a selection box. Is there a solution for choosing the field?
    The text fields are going great. For the selection field I can specify value, but he does not select that in the dropdown.

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