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Group in a group. Show label. get_field_object

    • Dj_PD

    • September 4, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    I do not know how to continue. That’s why I turn to you.
    I have a field group in which I have created groups. In one group, I have also created another group in which there are a lot of text boxes.
    I read the group with the code:
    $ grouppersdata = get_field ('group_pers_data', $ user_idd);

    And now to read out a value from the second group, I use the following code.
    echo = $ grouppersdata ['group_interview'] ['answer_1'];

    That works great too.
    I thought, because I have the text anyway in the label, which I need, it would be easy, if I just select label.
    So now I want to see the label.
    But I can not get that.

    If I use this:

    $grouppersobject = get_field_object ('group_pers_data', $ user_idd); 
    $grouppersobject = get_field_object ('field_number from group_pers_data', $ user_idd); 

    I get an array.
    If I use $grouppersobject = get_field_object ('group_interview', $ user_idd); I do not get an array.
    If I use $grouppersobject = get_field_object ('field_number drom group_interview', $ user_idd); I also get an array.

    But I can not bring the label with me then
    echo = $grouppersobject ['group_interview'] ['answer_1']; select
    I’ve already tried $grouppersobject ['group_interview'] ['answer_1'] ['label']. But I do not get the label displayed.

    What am I doing wrong?

    There are questions in the label of the group and I would like to read the group “group_interview”. Once the questions (label) and once the answer [‘group_interview’] [‘answer_1’] (answer_2, _3, _4, …).

    If I select the group “group_interview” with the Field_ID, I get an array.
    But how do I get the label from the text box [‘answer_1’]?

    Does anyone have a tip or can help?

  • I would use the field key to get the field object


    You might also try this, but I do not know if it will work…

    • Dj_PD

    • September 4, 2019 at 11:36 pm

    I have solved it with this way now.

    $grouppersobject = get_field_object('field_number from group_interview', $user_id);

    Is working. Can one make it like this? Yes or?
    Many thanks.

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