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Predefine Repeater Data?

  • Hi,
    Your plugin is really great. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope you will understand what I have for a problem. It is complicated to describe and my English ist noch so good.

    I have created a field group “infos” and then created a repeater “name_box”.
    In the repeater I have created 4 fields. name_name, name_value, name__extra_info, and name_type.
    The group is shown to me in the posts.
    Now when I go to posts, I see the field group and can also add new lines.
    But I always have 6 lines, fields that I need again and again. Is it possible to predefine these fields somewhere, so that you do not have to enter them anymore, but that these fields are always there?
    Under Posts are already entries in “name_box” exist, so that I no longer have to make all the settings again and again.
    name_name, name_value, name__extra_info, name_type.
    1) Box 1, empty *, empty *, Number
    2) Box 2, empty *, empty *, Number
    3) Box 3, empty *, empty *, Number
    4) Box 4, empty *, empty *, Number
    empty * = I have to enter only then.

    I hope you understand what I mean. Since I need some entries again and again, it would be great if I can tell the repeater. Show the repeater, but add 6 entries. (So โ€‹โ€‹that one prepares the table ever with entries)
    If I do not need one of these then I can still delete it.
    Is there a solution for this?

    Greetings Dj

  • Thanks a lot. Thats it.
    But I have seen that one field is a selection box. Is there a solution for choosing the field?
    The text fields are going great. For the selection field I can specify value, but he does not select that in the dropdown.

  • You need to set the values of fields with the type of data that ACF would use. If it is a select field that can have multiple values then ACF needs an array of values, if it’s something like an image field, taxonomy, post object, relationship then ACF is expecting the ID value of the related object or an array of IDs.

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