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  • I answered via email a while ago, but don’t see it …

    Basically, I gotta move on. So we are going with individual components and skipping the upgrade to pro.

    One note after reading those links, I do manage plugins with wp cli. I think its just a wrapper around WP internals, but maybe there is something there.

  • I am just going with plan B (ie skip the upgrade), due to time constraints.

    After reading your links though, I’ll note I manage plugins with wp cli, which I *think* is just a wrapper for WP internals, but possibly there is a possum in the woodpile there.

    I’ll start a new thread if this crops up again.


  • More wierdness. I tried this on a fully updated standalone WP system 3 times.

    Exported from one of the sites on the multisite to xml.
    Made sure ACF (not pro) and Repeater field were enabled on the standalone temp site, using twentyfourteen theme.
    Imported XML to standalone site.
    All field groups looking good at this point after import.
    Activated ACF Pro.
    Never got a database update notice of any kind.
    De-activated ACF and Repeater.
    All field groups are completely gone. Nada.

    So still hoping this can be done, but seems this just isn’t going to work. Thanks.

  • Still stuck here … anything else I can try? I have client pressuring me on this. Thanks.

  • Thanks. But I am back. Same issue.

    Here is what I did. Switched to 2014 theme (though 99% sure there are no fields or field groups defined as php). Disabled all plugins except acf and acf-repeater.

    Now I did this as network admin, and network activated acf pro. I got the prompt for the db upgrade. There are 2 sites on the network, I selected each, and the “upgrade” seemed to go fine for each. But I still have the field multiplication issue. ???


  • Very helpful for a completely different reason, thanks!

  • I am going to cross post this as a bug report. I think I’ve ruled out most of the user error stuff at this point. Not sure Elliot follows this forum as closely.

  • OK, so I got a full copy of the site, updated ACF (repeater was already at lastest), changed themes, and disabled all other plugins. Same issue.

    For the record my repeater fields sound a little simpler … they are not nested, but I have a lot of them.

    The symptoms are the same — I can add rows just fine, but I cannot delete any rows. This is a fairly complex CPT in the sense that it has many fields. All of the repeater fields show the same behavior, and all posts within this post type are affected, including newly created ones with bare content (one repeater row only — nothing else).

    No errors in the apache error logs.

    I would be glad to tackle this at the code or mysql level, if anyone can get me started with that.


  • Sorry to just tag along, but I have what sounds like the exact same problem. Its on a fairly high profile international site that gets quite a bit of traffic, and I can’t very easily do things like disable all other plugins.

    I have slightly older versions (3.8.1 and 4.3.4).

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