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can't delete repeater type row

  • i have many fields in my structure, but the one called ‘bibliografia’ which is a repeater with nested repeater and other fields, give me this problem
    I can create a new row and all works well, all fileds are saved
    When i try to remove a row it graphically disappears but after saving the page the row is still there
    does anyone know how to fix it?
    wp 3.9.1
    acf 4.3.8
    repeater 1.1.1

  • Sorry to just tag along, but I have what sounds like the exact same problem. Its on a fairly high profile international site that gets quite a bit of traffic, and I can’t very easily do things like disable all other plugins.

    I have slightly older versions (3.8.1 and 4.3.4).

  • OK, so I got a full copy of the site, updated ACF (repeater was already at lastest), changed themes, and disabled all other plugins. Same issue.

    For the record my repeater fields sound a little simpler … they are not nested, but I have a lot of them.

    The symptoms are the same — I can add rows just fine, but I cannot delete any rows. This is a fairly complex CPT in the sense that it has many fields. All of the repeater fields show the same behavior, and all posts within this post type are affected, including newly created ones with bare content (one repeater row only — nothing else).

    No errors in the apache error logs.

    I would be glad to tackle this at the code or mysql level, if anyone can get me started with that.


  • I am going to cross post this as a bug report. I think I’ve ruled out most of the user error stuff at this point. Not sure Elliot follows this forum as closely.

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