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  • This sounds like an ok compromise except unfortunately I need to give the user access to all the the multisites at the same time.

    I guess I could create one relationship input for each multisite and then create a conditional dropdown for each however unfortunately this isn’t really a solution in my case.. more of a last resort 🙁

    Thanks for letting me know about the plugin though 🙂

  • Hi,
    Thanks for replying!

    Unfortunately this doesn’t meet the requirements of the existing image field which allows you to select an image from the media library and upload to it as well.

    Thanks for letting me know about this plugin though, may prove useful in the future.

  • Has anyone tried to do a MYSQL TRIGGER on the posts table so that whenever a media item (attachment) is added it will trigger the database to copy it to the other WP post tables? That way all post tables on all multisites would effectively have the same library.

  • A brief look at ACF’s plugin files shows a file called page_link.php. Is there anything in there that would help the cause?

    I can imagine that the plugin currently only looks at the current blog / site and returns a query from that. I’m guessing I would need to change this so that the query returns a result that included every site instead.

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