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  • I come back to this thread because I were able to change the label field per field..
    But I would like to apply this to all fields located in my Option page named: “Custom Options”.

    I own 47 fields and I add very often fields… that s going to take a lot of line if I have to write lines for every field.

    Any solution?

    thanks !

  • By ID I meant the name (not the label) of the field (used by functions).
    My plan is to add this data near the label to simplify my life 😀

    Thanks you so much !

  • Hi,

    I’m also very interested by Polygon feature: I would like be able to add Polygons like we can add Markers: to enable my front user to send me this kind of datas.

    I already use WPGMAPSPro but even if it owns many more features (like polygons), it also hundred less flexible than ACF MAP: we can’t use it as field…

    Does someone found a solution?

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