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Hook after title ?

  • Hi,

    At the moment, every field I’ve set for my Options Page is display into 2 columns:
    * Title of the field
    * Field

    I would like to add the id of the field next to the title of the field.
    Is there any Filter available or another method to do that?

    thanks 🙂

  • What do you mean by ID?

    Yes, you can use an acf/prepare_field filter and you can alter the label of the field to include other information

  • By ID I meant the name (not the label) of the field (used by functions).
    My plan is to add this data near the label to simplify my life 😀

    Thanks you so much !

  • I come back to this thread because I were able to change the label field per field..
    But I would like to apply this to all fields located in my Option page named: “Custom Options”.

    I own 47 fields and I add very often fields… that s going to take a lot of line if I have to write lines for every field.

    Any solution?

    thanks !

  • This is a little something that I have created so that I can see field information when I’m developing a site. This adds an information block to every field label that shows the field information when you hover over the label.

    add_action('acf/prepare_field', 'acf_add_field_details_for_display', 20);
    function acf_add_field_details_for_display($field) {
      if (!$field || 
          !acf_current_user_can_admin() || 
          get_post_type() == 'acf-field-group' ||
          !get_field('site_acf_field_info', 'options')) {
        return $field;
      $html = ' <span class="acf-field-details"><span class="show-field-details dashicons dashicons-info" data-action="show-field-details"></span><span class="acf-field-details-block"><span>&nbsp;&nbsp;type: '.$field['type'].'</span>';
      if (isset($field['_name']) && $field['_name']) {
        $html .= '<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;name: '.$field['_name'].'</span>';
      $html .= '<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;key: '.$field['key'].'</span>';
      if (isset($field['return_format']) && $field['return_format']) {
        $html .= 'return: '.$field['return_format'].'</span>';
      $html.= '</span>';
      $field['label'] .= $html;
      return $field;
    add_action('admin_head', 'acf_field_details_display');
    function acf_field_details_display() {
        // add field detials info for admins
        if (!function_exists('get_field') || !get_field('site_acf_field_info', 'options')) {
          // no acf
        if (!acf_current_user_can_admin()) {
          <style type="text/css">
            .acf-field-details {
              font-weight: normal;
              position: relative;
            .show-field-details {
              color: #ACD;
              font-size: 16px;
            .acf-field-details-block {
              display: none;
              position: absolute;
              top: 0;
              left: 0;
              z-index: 9999;
              border-radius: 5px;
              color: #333;
              background-color: #ACD;
              padding: 5px;
              font-family: "Courier New", Courier, monospace;
              font-size: .9em;
            .acf-field-details-block span {
              display: block;
              white-space: nowrap;
            .acf-field-details:hover .acf-field-details-block {
              display: block;
      } // end function acf_field_details_display
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