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  • hi
    yes, i think that i know what is the problem
    in this line: $(‘#firstdate .acf-date-picker input.hasDatepicker’).live(“change”, function(e) {

    you have to change
    acf-date-picker input.hasDatepicker -> acf-date-time-picker input.hasDatepicker

    your classes are different when you use the time picker.

  • Hi
    this is the code that i used:
    (function($) {
    $(‘#firstdate .acf-date-picker input.hasDatepicker’).live(“change”, function(e) {
    var getval = $(this).val();
    var dataname = $(“#firstdate”).attr(“data-name”);
    if (dataname == “fecha_de_llegada”) {
    var makedate = $(this).val().split(“/”);
    var date = new Date(makedate[1] + “/” + makedate[0] + “/” + makedate[2]);
    date.setDate(date.getDate() + 1);
    if (!isNaN(date.getTime())) {
    var getnew = date.toLocaleDateString(‘en-GB’);
    var getmyd = getnew.split(‘/’);
    var gyear = getmyd[2].toString();
    var gmonth = getmyd[1].toString();
    var gday = getmyd[0].toString();
    } else {
    alert(“Invalid Date”);

    make sure that you change the ID/classes of you element:
    #firstdate, #seconddate

    hope it helps

  • I need it to be dynamic – in every post, according to the user, the number of rows changes. so i can’t have a fixed limited row number.

  • Thanks, I’ll be the first one to buy this extension.
    I’m really enjoying working with your plugin , it made wordpress to be a real CMS.

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