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  • Thanks for your replies!

    It will be a great feature if you include it in the future.

    Meantime, I have managed with a text field, where the client manually types different dates, separated by commas (which later will appear in an array inside a jquery script)

    Thanks again,

  • Hi elliot,

    First of all, I believe your plugin is great. It really helps me a lot developing my themes.

    Unfortunately, when I have to use more than one language I use WPML plugin and sometimes there are some conficts between your plugin and WPML.

    In these cases, I use Types plugin, that is fully compatible with WPML, but in my opinion, it isnĀ“t as good as your plugin.

    My request it is to make ACF fully compatible with WPML, although I understand it might be diifficult or it might take hard work.

    Thanks for your plugin,

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