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  • @tjhole-support I’m trying to do the same and was trying your solution, but while I am able to select an Mp4 in this way, after saving changes the field shows up as empty. Wondering how you were able to overcome this?


  • @acf-support I was afraid that’s going to be the answer. I knew it had to be an AJAX solution and couldn’t find a way after looking into your core JS code, that’s why I asked here in case I was missing something.

    I guess they will have to manually go through (or search) attachments to select one belonging to the specific post, I was hoping I can make it easier.

  • Hi @acf-support and thanks for your help so far.

    I didn’t think about using pre_get_posts so that’s an interesting approach, however the problem is the relationship field is inside of a repeater (so there’s more than one) and I want to be able to do this for _acfuploader fields in each repeater. So custom_field_name would need to be the relationship field that belongs to the same repeater row as the uploader.

    Not sure if that’s possible using a query filter.

  • Hi Elliot,

    I’m also having what seems to be a similar issue.

    The setup is the following:
    – I have a Flexible Content field called “gallery”.
    – On the homepage I call have_rows(“gallery”) to show the gallery associated to the homepage.
    – I now want to have a separate div for the mobile version of the site which shows the first gallery field for each project (I’ve setup a custom post type called “work”). I use a custom WP_Query to get the required posts of the homepage. This works as expected, but if I then use have_rows(“gallery”) within the WP_Query this seems to completely break WordPress, the page never actually loads, it’s probably stuck in some sort of redirect.

    Here is one error from the PHP log:
    [10-Dec-2015 18:11:29 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /Volumes/Date/Dropbox/htdocs/blid/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-pro/api/api-template.php on line 552

    (the code line varies from what I’ve seen logged)

    Does this help in explaining the problem?


  • I did more digging and I think I might have made this work in a different way, by adding an Image subfield for each row and thus creating the relationship in the repeater, instead of the other way around.

    In the gallery code, I can the use get_field to get all the rows and for every images search for a row which has a linked image ID matching the current one.

    I’d still be curious to know if it could also be done the other way around.

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